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Welcome to the 2022 Springfield of Dreams

Rules for the 2022 Springfield of Dreams

Tournament Headquarters/Contact
Shanna Baxter Tournament Director
Email: springfieldthundertourney@gmail.com


This Tournament is open to currently registered USSF league or association teams composed of no more than eighteen (18) players. All teams must be currently registered with their state, national or provincial association and all US Soccer player passes must be furnished for each Tournament contestant.

A maximum of four (4) guest players with current valid cards meeting age group restrictions may be added to the official league or association roster, prior to the commencement of the first tournament match, for a MAXIMUM of eighteen (18) players per U13, U14, and U15 roster, fourteen (14) for U11 or U12 teams, or twelve (12) for U10 or U9 teams. For U16 and older teams, a maximum of 22 players may be carded but only 18 may dress for at any match. No players will be permitted in ANY circumstance to play for more than one team in the tournament. If a player is found to be participating in play with more than one team in the tournament, the team will forfeit their game and any opportunity at advancing in tournament play.

2.0 AGE:
All teams will determine their ages per player's birth year. Teams will be accepted in the following age groups:

Division Ages
U09 - Born in 2014
U10 - Born in 2013
U11 - Born in 2012
U12 - Born in 2011
U13 - Born in 2010
U14 - Born in 2009
U15 - Born in 2008

Any player older than a U8 can 'play up' as much as the parents and coaches feel is in the best interest of the player (ie a U10 could 'play up' on a U11 or U12 team). No player may 'play down' (ie a U14 may not play on a U13 team).

U9-U10 teams play 7v7, U11-U12 play 9v9, U13-U20 play 11v11


U09 and U10 (7v7) BUILD OUT RULES:

Build out lines are to be drawn on each side of the field halfway between the Penalty Area line and the Halfway Line. Once a goal kick is awarded or the goal keeper takes possession of the ball with the hands, the opposing team must move outside the Build Out Area line and remain there until the ball is put in play.

The ball is back in play when (1) a Goal Kick leaves the penalty area (2) The goal keeper places the ball on the ground and it is kicked (3) the goal keeper throws or rolls the ball. Once the ball is in play the opposing team may enter the defending team’s build-out-area. If the defending team takes the Goal Kick early or the Goal Keeper releases the ball into play before the opposing players move outside the Build-out-area, play will continue. The defending team has chosen to skip the build-out advantage.

The goal keeper shall not punt nor drop-kick the ball. The goal keeper has 6 seconds to release the ball into play once the opposing team has moved beyond the build-out-area.

FIFA Laws of the Game apply with the following exceptions:
1. Substitutes must be at the mid-field line.
2. Free substitution is allowed for all age groups
3. Substitutes may be made at a stoppage of play with the consent of the referee:
a. After a goal by either team
b. Before any goal kick
c. Before a throw-in, your favor
d. At the beginning of any period of play
e. After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play
f. After a caution, the cautioned player must be substituted.

The plan is for each team to play 3 games with a final championship game as scheduled in the program, weather, field conditions and opponent availability permitting. Games or tournament play may be shortened or otherwise decreased by the Tournament Director in the event of inclement weather, unplayable fields or other situations beyond the control of the presenting organization. All matches will use referees certified by the Federation.

Under 13-20; 11v11; 25 Min 5 Min Half time; Ball Size-5
Under 11-12; 9v9; 50 Min 5 Min Half time; Ball Size-4
Under 9-10; 7v7; 50 Min 5 Min Half time; Ball Size-4

TIE-BREAK - FINAL ROUND ONLY - There will be no tie-breakers for preliminary games
There will be no over-time, the game will go the kicks from the mark per FIFA rules if teams are still tied.

U9 and U10 teams must have at least 5 players ready to play at assigned game time. U11 and U12 teams must have at least 6 players ready to play at assigned game time. U13 thru U15 teams must have at least 7 players ready to play at assigned game time. No grace period will be allowed. Any team that fails to complete a match or leaves the field during play shall be scored as having forfeited that match. No team that has forfeited a match will be declared a group winner. The match will be scored 1-0 (forfeiting team receives 0). The Tournament Director will decide if a team that forfeits a game will be allowed to play any remaining games.
The Tournament Officials reserve the right to decide all matters concerning a forfeit.

Both Coaches must sign the referee's official game card at the conclusion of the card verifying that that score shown is correct. Referees will be responsible for reporting the match results, cautions, and ejection to the tournament headquarters. The field marshals in orange vests will assist the referees in getting the game cards to Tournament Headquarters. Scores will be posted as quickly as possible.

There shall be no dissent between spectators, players, and/or coaches and the referees. Questioning a referee's call is considered dissent. All coaches are urged to solicit the support of their fans in monitoring, and enforcing, this policy;

Any player or coach ejected from a match will be ineligible to participate in the next, (a minimum of one match), scheduled match. No substitution will be allowed for the ejected player in the match in which he/she was ejected. The Tournament Director may take additional disciplinary action against a team or individual for serious offenses, including suspension from the remainder of the tournament and non-eligibility for future Springfield of Dreams tournaments. The passes for the player or coach are to be held by the Tournament Director until the suspensions are served. Suspended coaches may be located on the spectator's side of the field but may not coach or communicate with the team in any manner. Suspended players may sit with the team but may not be in uniform. Spectators whether parents or other fans that are ejected will be required to leave the Eagle City Soccer Complex for the remainder of the tournament. A player who accumulates 3 yellow cards in different matches is suspended for one match.
A. For United States teams, the Tournament Director in will consult with the referee involved and notify the Federation Organization Member of that team of disciplinary action taken or required.
B. For CONCACAF teams, the Tournament Director in will consult with the referee involved and notify the US Soccer Federation of disciplinary action taken, and the Federation will transmit the disciplinary action taken or required to that team's provincial or national association.

Each team will be awarded three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie and zero (0) points for a loss.
The following criteria, in hierarchical order, will determine the group winner:
1. Most Points.
2. Head to head competition.
3. Least goals allowed.
4. Most goals for - max 3 per game awarded.
5. Penalty kicks pursuant to FIFA rules.

9.0 GAME:
Player cards will be checked at the time of each game, turned over to the Referee and retained by the Referee until the completion of the game. The home team of each game will provide a match ball of appropriate size to be approved by the referee.

There will be NO protests or appeals of any Tournament matches or referee decisions allowed. Disputes for non-referee decisions will be settled by the Tournament Director and his word will be final (Example: player eligibility issues or disputes over schedule) and may not be appealed.

1. Shin guards are mandatory and must be completely covered by a sock.
2. Shirts/jerseys will be tucked into players' shorts at all times.
3. The shirt number of each player must be the same as the player's shirt number on the roster. If the numbers are not the same, the referee is not to allow the player to take part in the match until the numbers are the same (either the player changing his or her shirt, or the roster being changed).
4. If there is a shirt/jersey color conflict in the opinion of the referee, the HOME TEAM, (first listed on the schedule found in the program), will change color.
5. No hard surface either casts or braces are permitted unless padded and the permission of the referee is secured prior to play.
6. It is the responsibility of the teams to provide water for their players during the Tournament.

1. Due to circumstances or conditions beyond its control, the Tournament will not be responsible for loss of any funds due to the cancellation of all, or any part, of this Tournament.
2. Should inclement weather or field conditions prevent the completion of matches during the tournament, the following procedure will be utilized to determine the final places of teams within a bracket: If fewer than four matches have been completed by any team within an age division (e.g. U12 Girls), then all teams within the age division will be evaluated based on the least number of games completed (i.e. if some teams have completed 3 games and some 4 games then the first 3 games will be used). The team with the best record will be deemed the winner of that group.
3. In the event of ties in the team records, the criteria detailed in the STANDINGS section of the rules, in hierarchical order, will determine the winner.

1. Registration will be online before, Oct 1st 2022. Email completed registration forms. springfieldthundertourney@gmail.com . The team representative must bring the following: The team's official roster, Travel permission (if team is from outside Ohio South), Guest player form (if needed), Player passes/cards (we check player passes at registration and before each match), Medical release forms for each player, and Liability release form. Coaches concussion certificates for each coach on the sideline. Additionally teams from Canada must supply proof of entry into the United States for each player and a completed form from its Provincial or National Association approving the team's participation in the tournament. Coaches are required to bring players cards and medical release forms to every Tournament match.
2. If a match is temporarily suspended due to weather and/or field conditions, or other situations beyond the Tournament's control, each team involved must check with Tournament Headquarters for further instructions. Matches interrupted in the first half shall, time permitting, play the full match to completion. Otherwise, just the first half shall be played to completion and the resultant score shall be recorded as complete.
3. If a match cannot be started due to weather or field conditions, the general policy of the Tournament is to, if possible, reschedule these matches in a shortened format (e.g. two 10 minute halves) in order to complete the schedule. If, how and when the matches are rescheduled is entirely up to the discretion of the Tournament Director.
4. Parents and other fans conduct are the responsibility of the team coach. All parents and fans will be confined to the sideline opposite the team benches. No persons are permitted behind the goals.
5. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at the tournament site.
6. The Tournament Director's interpretation of the foregoing rules/regulations shall be final.



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